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This is report on the findings of a random sample of 25 cereals.
These findings review the cost, weight, calories, and sugar per servings of high fiber and low/moderate fiber cereals.
The average cost of all types of cereal is 28.7 cents per serving (+ or – 7.09).
However, the average for high fiber cereals being 33.9 cents per serving and the low/moderate fiber cereals cost 25.27 cents per serving.Proving that both types were of normal distribution a t’- test showed that the average cost was different between the two different types.The evidence showed that the high fiber cereal seems to cost more on average.
The average weight for all types of cereal is around 1.5 ounces per serving (+ or – .063).When the weight is averaged for the two different types of cereal the high fiber cereals weighed 1.8 ounces per serving, and the low/moderate cereals weighed 1.304 ounces per serving. In questioning whether the two types of cereal weight the same on average, the test showed that weighs were not of equal values.It seemed to suggest that the low/moderate fiber cereals weighed more.
The average calories for all types of cereal was 148 calories per serving (+ or – 30.69).When the cereal was dived out into the two different categories, the high fiber cereals on average had 164 calories per serving where the low/moderate fiber cereals had 137.33 calories.The question of whether the two types had the same amount of calories per serving provide that there was not significant enough evidence to prove that the two did not have the same amount of calories on average.
The average sugar for all cereals was 21.0 grams of sugar per serving (+or – 5.79).When the two were dived out into categories the high fiber cereals contained 9.6 grams of sugar per serving, and the low/moderate fiber cereals had 10.467 grams of sugar.As the two were weighed to see if the average amount of sugar in both kinds were the same, the test showed that t…

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