Static Electricity

Absorption of Infrared Radiation by different colors
The lab is on Infrared Radiation.Infrared Radiation is one formof electromagnetic radiation.The experiment was to observe which colors absorbed the most Infrared Radiation .The hypothesis was that blue, being the darkest color, would absorb more than white and red.Our Results were as follows
Our materials were used to showthe temperature change in the different cloth.They were different colored cloth, thermometers, and heat lamps.These were used to show which temperatures changed in the different colored cloth.We used the lamp to heat the different colored cloths with the thermometers underneath.The thermometers showed us the change in temperature.
Our results were varied from cloth to cloth.A chart with our results was included.Our hypothesis was wrong.Red absorbed the most heat while blue absorbed the least amount of heat, the opposite of our hypothesis.As you can see our results showed us that darker colors do not always absorb the most heat.
Our results were not expected.We expected blue to absorb the most heat because it is a darker color.Red was our second choice to absorb heat, when it turns out it absorbed the most heat.White was our last choice to absorb the most heat, and it absorbed the second most amount.The chart shows you our results.
In conclusion, red was not the most expected color to absorb the most heat.Although white started off at 45 degrees celsius so it was going to be our second choice to absorb the most heat.That part of our hypothesis was right.Blue, ourfirst choice to absorb the most heat , absorbed the least amount of heat.Our experiment showed us new things about IR radiation.

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