Sport supplements and the effects they have or don’t have on physical Performance

The sports world has a plethora of products includingpills,potions
and tonics that provide loads of promises to give the athletethatwinning
edge.Theirpromisesincludeimprovedperformance,better endurance,
increased strength and better recovery. These can beachievedbyreducing
body fat, increasing muscle mass andreducingchancesofillness.These
temptations are often used as shortcuts to success in sports and havefound
many takers in the sporting community. Nutritional sportsupplements,many
of which areendorsedbyprofessionalathletes,arebecomingpopular,
especially among the adolescents. Thisagegroupischaracterizedbya
thirst for quick results and a total lack of concern for consequences.
Thehard-coresportingfraternityisreceiving the attractive
assurancesoftheseproductswithsuchenthusiasm,since in elite
competition, minor differences can separate the winnersfromtherestof
the competitors. Sport supplementsarenotjustforhard-coreathletes
anymore. This craze has alsotakenoverthenon-eliteandrecreational
athletes, including the body builders andweightlifters.Womenathletes
and weight conscious people are also falling prey to these shortcuts.Sport
scientists too are finding these supplementsasanindispensableaidto
their strategies toenhancetraining,performanceandrecovery.(Sport
supplement and sport food, drugs and sports, beginners guide)
Athletes have used performance- enhancing supplements since thefifth
century, when they were known to ingest deerlivertoimprovespeedand
lion’s heart to increase strength. Today’s scenario describesthousandsof
products invading the market with such easy availability that even acommon
man has access to them. A survey conducted on Australian swimmersindicates
that 99% of the…

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