spiritual healing

In this paper, I will attempt to examine an aspect of healing that has not yet been adopted by Western Civilization. It is spiritual healing, but encompassing this is the field of herbology, which uses the chemical compounds in these plants to restore a balance in the body in order to heal. The Shaman is known to have aquired the knowledge to heal via physical and spiritual means. In this paper, I will attempt to discuss both.
Throughout the world there are many names for a spiritual healer, and many different ways for which they heal. One ancient religion in the East, Taoism, teaches us that everything on earth has a life force known to them as “chi”. The Taoist believe that one can gain more “chi”by eating everything, they even believe that they can inhale “Chi”in the atmosphere. Taoist practice ways to gain “chi”as well as use it efficiently. It has been known to the Taoist for centuries that in order to maintain good health, the body must maintain a state of equilibrium. This is done by managing one’s “Chi”efficiently. If a person’s “Chi” is out of balance it is almost certain that he/she will become sick. This theory has only just come into effect in Western medicine, it is known as “Homeostasis”. Homeostasis is how the body tries to maintain a balance, this can also refer to the mind known as “Psycho-homeostasis”.
One such herbalist is Michael Weiner. He has been studying the field of herbology for many years. He has found that vitamins and minerals help maintain a balance in the body. Weiner believes that herbal medicines should be tested to verify there safety, but is discouraged by the ways Western medicine attempts to test them. Western scientist attempt to break down the chemical compounds in these plants in order to see which chemical is responsible for it’s healing capabilities. Some of these chemical compounds cannot be broken down, therefore, cannot be tested, and are discarded as a placebo. One such plant found in…

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