species richness

In this study, it was expected that the correlation between species richness (resident population) and the immigration and extinction rate of prairie plants contribute to the understanding of what factors affect plant populations in a community.Over an eight-year period, the number plant species across 19 sites in tall grass prairies was counted and the mean rate of species immigration and the extinction was determined at ten different levels of species richness.Standard deviation of the results was calculated and two independent t-test (assuming unequal variances) values were obtained.Results depicted that the mean rate of immigration was insignificant to species richness, meaning there was no relationship between the two variables, while the mean rate of extinction significantly correlated to species richness in a positive relationship.Factors such as immigration potential and invasion resistance help explain immigration rates.The resultant extinction rate can be explained by many factors like plant competition and litter removal.
Ecology is an examination of the causal relationship among organisms and their environment.Organisms undergo distinctive processes that will tend to favour biodiversity and succession. Certain biotic and abiotic factors influence and affect the species richness of plants in a community.Immigration, emigration as well as extinction of organisms are all products of biotic and abiotic factors in an environment. They are also key indicators of the factors that are affecting the environment. By analyzing the population of species of plants in a given community, the concept of the dependence of ecosystem health and stability on the biodiversity can be better understood (Worm and Duffy 2003). Researches show that ecosystems under certain abiotic stressor with higher species richness tend to maintain ecological stability versus those ecosystems with little diversity (Worm and Duffy 2003). Maintaini…

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