Special Relativity

Special relativity was introduced into the world in 1905 by a man named Albert Einstein.At the time it was a difficult concept to understand because it took place under conditions most people didn't even consider.Technology has greatly improved since the year 1905, not only with the increases in speed and distance but also with the accuracy of the tools we use to measure them with.With these improvements in technology it is now necessary to use the principles of special relativity in order to receive satisfactory results from future technology.In the course of this essay, the ideas of special relativity and the consequences of these principles, the modern day experimentation and the applied applications that special relativity is influencing, will be examined and related to the necessary principles of special relativity.These various examples will demonstrate why it is rapidly becoming necessary, for those in the area of applied science, to understand the principles of special relativity.
The simple questions are always the hardest.Einstein's theory of special relativity was derived in much the same manner; he took a simple question and created from that question a new concept that would revolutionize the world of physics."What would it be like to ride on a beam of light?" asked a sixteen year old Einstein.At the time he had no idea, but that one, simple question caused his curiosity to ignite and for the next ten years it lay within his mind.In 1905, he was finally able to answer that "simple" question.On June 30, 1905 Einstein published a work that was perhaps the greatest achievement in the history of physics."On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" stated that a person's local reference frame determined the space and time of an event and that the speed of light in a vacuum was constant in all reference frames.These ideas constitute what we now call the t…

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