Spatial Data Acquisition

Title of Lecture: Spatial data acquisition and system modeling: notes from the field
and the lab.

Name of Lecturer: Philip Graniero

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Department of Lecture: Earth Sciences

Date and Time of Lecture: January 13th, 2000 at 4:30pm

Purpose of Research Project:
The primary purpose of the project is to use model simulations to forecast spatial patterns among various species in the environment.By comparing current situations with test results, Graniero hopes to have the ability to predict spatial patterns for species in the environment.This will give environmentalists and scientists alike the ability to prevent specie disaster and to study such areas as future habitat.

Description of Research/Technology used:
Graniero'sfirst step involved measuring the earth's topography, under the bedrock of the surface.This experiment took place in Newfoundland, Canada.To do this he took a random sampling scheme.These schemes were tested at a density of 40 points per hectare. In order to bring the most precise and comprehensive data to the table, such technologies as mobile computers and GPS systems were used.The field in which was being tested proved to be very difficult to measure due to the changing system and the high demand of physical resource.His objective still remained the same though, to take this data and run a model that would enable him forecast spatial data on various species. The model he used was known as Cellular Automation (CA).The models properties were as follows: a finite set of discrete states and a state transition rule where the next state is determined by; current cell state, states of the nearest neighbours, and the state of other layers.The model worked in specific steps.First, a spatial structure was built.Second, data was collected from it.Third, the simulation of different collection agencies were put forth.Fourth, the model information was …

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