Space Exploration

It is human nature to explore the unknown and to dream the impossible. If we have the ability to dream the impossible, then we also have the ability to achieve the impossible.For example, the idea of flying started from one person, even though most people thought it was impossible, this person went on to achieve the dream. As a result, today we can fly from New York, USA to Paris, France in three hours.Likewise, there were just as many skeptics when NASA announced that man was going to travel in space, yet, look how far the space program has come in the last 40 years.While the budget for the space program has already been reduced by one-forth of 1960's budget, and further budget reductions are recommended by some politicians, the government should nevertheless double the budget (Glen, 1998, p. 7). Space exploration, medical research, and satellite technology are just a few reasons the space program should be allowed not only to continue but also to expand.
Although the space program has made tremendous advances in the last 40 years, we have only scratched the surface in space exploration therefore, the space program must be allowed to expand.According to Glen (1998), "The agency is exploring ways to advance technologies in space propulsion and power that will enable us to better explore our solar system and beyond" (p. 6).Imagine someday there will be a mission to Mars and beyond.
Medical research is a very important reason for the space program to continue. The senator reports (1998) that the zero gravity environment in space makes it possible for scientists to examine both the human brain and the nervous system. Also, scientists hope to conduct better research on vital diseases like cancer, aids, influenza and common cold (p. 6). If we can find the cure for these diseases we could save a lot of people's lives.
Last but not least, satellite technology is the most important reason f

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