Space Exploration

If the nation is serious about the manned exploration and development of space, then more attention must be focused now on research to study how weightlessness and reduced gravity would affect everything from power production to plumbing. The research is critical for the development of space-related technologies.
There are certain scientific and engineering problems of a fundamental nature that need to be addressed before these technologies can be developed. This research should be done now because it will take years to develop the needed technologies. This will likely slow the United States progress in space exploration.
For example, seemingly mundane components such as piping, valves and bearings will have to be adapted to the altered structural forces and loads in reduced- and variable-gravity environments. Technologies will be needed to manufacture and repair failed parts in the microgravity of space and in the low gravity of other planets, moons and asteroids. Workers will have to build structures and operate mining and processing facilities. Many technologies will be needed for the very survival of humans in space.
If an electrical fire starts, how do you extinguish it? It may not be possible to spray it with a fire extinguisher because it may affect the environment in which the astronauts are living and breathing. The particles, very fine droplets, behave differently in gravitational environments than they do in space.

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