South Africa

I. Executive Summary_______________ 2
II. Global Factors________________3
III. Regional Analysis – Africa_______________ 4
IV. Country Analysis – South Africa _______________ 7
 Political situation_______________ 7
 Economic outlook_______________ 10
 Social issues _______________14
With the emergence of a new market in South Africa, potential investors are anxiously awaiting to take advantage and gain from this discovery. Once a despairing country, South Africa has shown the world and the global market of the possibilities waiting to be taken by those willing to make a profitable venture.
There are concerns, mostly about slow economic growth and factors such as crime and unemployment, but the forward advancements of the economy have been tremendous.The optimistic outlook for South Africa's market is catching the attention of the most prominent companies around the world.
With the dismantling of apartheid and the gaining of a democratic government, the black population has hopes of achieving economic advancement. Corporations see this occurring in the future. The global trend in South Africa is towards exporting labor. With such an abundance of workers and a high unemployment rate, it is the most practical resource they possess.
The changeover from an impoverished country to a self-dependent nation will most likely not occur for a significant amount of time. When the black majority gains economic benefit from their freedom and the political structure seems strong enough to hold the diverse region together, there are huge expectations for South Africa to enter the global market.
II. Global Factors
Despite the strength of anti-globalization protests since the Seattle conference in December 1999, there is a growing com…

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