Soda, pop, seltzer, tonic, sparkling water – these are all names for carbonated drink, more commonly known as soft drink. It is the latest trend in beverages today.Almost every individual consumes this type of drink thinking that it quenches their thirst because of its unique taste. But little do they know that this beverage subtly destroys them. The production and consumption of carbonated drinks should be minimized because it can lead to health problems or in worst case, death.
Soft drinks are extremely acidic which may lead to certain health disorders. These sodas contain phosphoric and carbonic acids, two substances that can corrode almost anything when ingested in pure amounts. Phosphoric acid is diluted to become nontoxic and is usually mixed with carbonated drinks to give its characteristic sour taste. Scientific studies reveal that elevated levels of phosphates eliminate essential vitamins and minerals from the body, leading to an abnormality when life processes (digestion, respiration, etc) are carried out. Also, a severe lack of minerals can lead to heart disease (lack of magnesium), osteoporosis (lack of calcium), and many other diseases. Moreover, these drinks can wear away the enamel of the teeth which may cause tooth decay and may result to further dental problems. Imagine the digestive tract as a rusty car bumper. When sodas are poured in the bumper, the rust is immediately removed. This is what these drinks really do to our body. Carbonated drinks are mainly composed of distilled water, some additives, and a large amount of refined sugar. This means that these beverages just add calories and thus makes one gain weight. But is shifting to "diet" soft drinks the solution?
Probably not. The fact is that diet carbonated drinks contain aspartame, an artificial low-calorie sweetener. Although aspartame does not add up the calories, it makes one feel hungrier and crave for more food. In add

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