Sociology Paradigms

The poor and sociology within the structural-functional paradigm
The poor function in their own corner of society. The people that are better off or even rich tend to live in different sections than the ones that are poor. Even so the poor people tend to segregate themselves from each other. Each ethnic group living in different sections and away from the others. They all have the same thing in common though, survival. Whether it is an act of crime for drugs, stealing for food, or even working a low paying job they all are trying to survive. The consequences of being poor though is that poverty breeds poverty. Veryfew people make it up and out from where they are atif they are poor but even so they try and get along with each other the best they can and keep there way of life going.
The poor and sociology within the social conflict paradigm
The poor differ from the rest of society and in a social conflict paradigm. Society tends to look down on the poor. The poor are lookedon asinferior to the rest of society. Sometimes riots are started because of the way the poor perceive themselves as being treated. People in higher income brackets do their best to not drive in certain sections of town. Some people put bars on their doors and windows thinking it will stop the break ins if they live anywhere close to a poor neighborhood. Government has done a lot to help the poor though. Many avenues of escape have been developed for the poor. Many programs have been put into place to help the poor try and pull themselves up and out of poverty . Some of the people take advantage of these programs and the help that is offered to them and by doing so become productive members of society.
The poor and sociology within the symbolic-interaction paradigm
Gangs are a society within the society of the poor. Each gang has their own certain behaviors, ways of talking, and ways that they interact with each other. Each gang has different init…

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