Social Impact

It is impossible to consider the social and scientific implications of
thequantumizing’ of religion and science without putting that convergence
into at least a recent perspective.The events of September 11, 2001, can
That day, it became clear that all the supposed separations between
nations, peoples and beliefs could be punctured by a group of extremists,
spouting slogans but basically untutored in the new realities.The
hijackers rammed the epitome of human construction with the epitome of
human travel, and elicited the epitome of pre-modern response to it all
from a government unaware that for most people, ideas of territory,
ownership in the old sense, and the “Christian” order were all breaking
down.This event, wrote British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman in the new-age
journal, Tikkun, “fits the role of the symbolic end to the era of space
better than any other event in recent memory.”(Bauman, 2002)
The event itself was grounded in old ideas of nations, one favored by
God over others, and such pre-metaphysical realities.The U.S. government
response to it was grounded in the same place, and the populace, by and
large, stood behind it.But a year later, when that artificial separation
between peoples was once again hauled out and waved as a banner when the
U.S. invaded Iraq, there had already been a sea change of popular thought,
and blue dove-bearing signs against the invasion sprouted on cars and lawns
nationwide.Suddenly, people were aware that killing one person to avenge
another contradicted the ideas of unity they were getting from both science
and religion; they realized that religion and science both saw all nature
as one, even if they knew nothing consciously about quantum physics
(science) or metaphysics (religion.)
In metaphysics, this is a fundamental statement: As above, so below:
As within, so without.This is analogous to Einste…

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