Social Class: A micro perspective

Why do some people decide to remain where they are on the social stratification
ladder?Individuals often make conscious decisions, which will affect their likelihood of an achieving higher status in society.Looking at social class from a micro perspective we see that social class is in part determined by the individual due to factors such as choice of education, work, and religion.In addition to these deciding factors, we need to look at what motivates people to make decisions that will inhibit or enhance one's ability to obtain higher social status.
Education for an individual during youth is usually determined by a parent or guardian; however, later in schooling one's schooling is subject to personal choices and preferences.Education is directly related to what type of career or quality of career one may receive.Various factors influence the choices one may make concerning education.Factors, which are examined, include: Importance of personal education, cost, quality and reputation, job market and personal obligations.In viewing all these factors, we see that one's acquiring social classis a complex decision based process resulting from a multitude of personal choices.
Importance of personal education may be affected by family and social environment; regardless, importance of personal education ultimately affects social status.If education is of little importance or of significant importance, it will affect the quality or extent of education; therefore affecting the type of employment, you may be qualified and it’s likelihood of advancement.Personal like or dislike of school may result in poor quality of work or lack of completing high school or post secondary; therefore limiting your career options.One may simply choose not to further his or her education based solely to the fact that they disliked school.By choosing to avoid school, the individual social status will be affected due to …

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