Social Change

* Is violence even a necessity for social change?*
Malcolm X stated that the ideals that he took early on in the Civil Right movement should be sought “by any means necessary”, he was one of thefirst leaders in history to coin that phrase. Even without the alluring words, many other leaders utilized the simple concept countless times before. Malcolm X felt that social change could be gained in many ways and violence was one of them. (Why violence?) Furthermore, the French Revolution is another example of how violence was used in order to create peace and a better life. Although, the Civil War wasn't primarily about abollishing slavery, it still shows how violence changed life. The violence of slavery was eradicated through the bloodshed of war.
(Intro. Sent) When people find suppression in their paths, they move it. In most cases they do this with force. It is a natural instinct to use force to attain a goal; watch any group of young children and see their strategies, there is no such thing as diplomacy. Kids will not naturally hand over…(continue sent.) And for the most part, diplomacy doesn't always work.The allies of World War II tried to mollify Hiltler in peaceful ways, never the less in the end they still went to war in order to stop further distruction and save inumerable lives.
Another group that is portrayed as notorious is the Black Panther party.(Why?)Other factions of countries have gone to war amongst themselves in order to create social change (Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia/former U.S.S.R).A film that talks about Khmer Rouge and the conflict in Cambodia is The Killing Fields.This is about….
Another common example of social change is that a heinous event has to occur in order for attention to be brought to an already unfavorable situation.An example of this would be the Amber Alert System, which “originated in Arlington, Texas after the 1996 abduction and mur

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