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The patriot act as a document is appalling in its entirety. However to discuss the document and what is wrong with it, in its entirety, would take fifty pages. I have decided to discuss one specific provision, discuss its impact and suggest an alternative provision. In the wake of the September 11th attacks and in the middle of numerous anthrax attacks, a bill was brought before congress, dubbed "The Patriot Act"; the name in itself seems to force any American to support it, as if we are unpatriotic to appose it. The present executive administration pressured this bill through congress by claiming that the blood of future lives lost were on the hands of these senators and congressmen if they did not pass this bill. In hindsight, this whole situation seems to be one that would spawn bad ideas and hasty actions, and simply because of that I must remain skeptical of the patriot act, even before I began to closely examine it. While many provisions of this act are gross violations of American civil liberties, we will expose one specific provisions flaw, and suggest an alternative solution to the problem that provision addresses. This is a small attempt to suggest alternative solutions to the provisions in this liberty violating act. The provision we will look at is section 213 of the patriot act. It expands the government's power to search property, and perform wiretaps without due process. I will argue that the changes that section 213 brings about are a violation of the 4th amendment, and because they violate the 4th amendment and could lead to atrocious injustices, the patriot act should be reviewed in its entirety. This is a heated debate because every American believes in their right to a safe home and that safe home must be safe from government harassment, just as it is safe from the common thief, or homicidal killer. A good solution to this problem would be to simply budget for, hire, train, and put on the streets more…

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