Snakes have no external ear opennings
All snakes have a backbone (They are vertebrates) but lack limbs , eyelids and external ear openings .
snakes have a specialized row of scales along the underside of their bodies , the ventrals
some families of snakes do retain vestigal pelvic gridles none of them have pectoral girdles
snakes have unique skulls- the bones of their upper jaws are not united at the snout but are free to move
away from one another , so allowing the passage of larger prey
Snakes are long , slender vertebrates without legs . This definition is not enough to
separate snakes from some other groups of animals , through
Snakes are reptiles and branch of zoology that deals with this class of animals is known as ‘Herpetology’ .
derived from the Greek word herpeton , which means ‘a creeping thing’ . In the early days of zoology all
lowly animals such as amphibians and reptiles were lumped together in this group of ‘creeping things’
and the word ‘herpetology’ was coined to encompass all of them .
The earliest known fossil creatures resembling snakes are from the lower Cretaceous period some 130
million years ago . These were short and heavy and had a mixture of lizard and snake characteristics .
There are generally accepted to be 14 or 15 families of snakes but the 2400 species are by no means
equally divided between them . Two families contain only one species each , one contains two species
while another contains three. The largest family of snakes is The Colubridae, at present , over 1500
The size and the shape of a snake together with the colour and markings, help to give each snake its
identity . They may also hold important clues to the lifestyle of
the snake because certain habitats and conditions tend to limit or encourage the way in which snakes
World’s longest snake is The Reticulated Python (33ft , 10meters) and World’s largest snake is Green
Anaconda (18.9m Anaconda repo…

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