Some people are drawn to snakes, others are terrified.Throughout history, snakes have been portrayed as both good and evil.Some of this facination comes from the fact that they have no legs, any yet can get around quite easily.For whatever reason, sankes are the subject of countless rumors and stories, most of which are fictional.
Many people believe that all snakes are dangerous, slimy creatures.This is far from the truth.Unfortunately, the stories about the hiker who scared away a shy corn snake don’t make headlines, but the stories of anacondas eating children sell papers.In fact, snakes are clean, dry, silky skinned animals that are for the most part not dangerous to humans.Of course, there are a number of poisinous snakes but they are encountered far less often than rumors and stories would lead you to believe.
As far as pets go, there are certain types of snakes that make fine companions.A snake is not an animal to purchase lightly.Yes, there are those who buy them only to watch them eat, and to show of to friends, they are the ones that stories are usually about.They are the unimformed, inexperienced handlers.
A snake needs special consideration as a pet, however. People tend to purchase snakes without doing any research.Snakes require being held often to keep them tame.They do get sick, and need to see a vet just like any other pet.Snakes do reuqire alot of time and care as all pets do.
The problem does not fall completely on the buyer.Sellers sometimes are unaware of how to properly handle and care for the snake; therefore, offering little help in selecting a good pet.Time and time again, I have encountered snakes that are needlessly injured by uninformed handlers.They are burnt by heat rocks or lamps, their food attacking them and the wound not cared for, eye caps that were never removed, or ticks in between their scales.These are all things that can be prevented just by doing

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