Smoking Weed and Tobacco usage

Smoking is a very significant issue in the world today. Smoking tobacco and
marijuana are both important issues in society today. I always see commercials on TV
against smoking and why you (especially young kids) shouldn't smoke. I was wondering if
these commercials and other advertisements were really telling the truth and if smoking
was all as bad as they made it out to be.
I will do a lot of research on this topic such as if these ads are really true or if they
are expanding the truth or even if they are lying. I will do most of my research on the
Internet and maybe an encyclopedia or magazine.
I know smoking tobacco is bad for you. I know that it has many negative short and
long term effects on its users. I also know that it can be addictive. What I know about
marijuana is that it is illegal and is sometimes referred to as the gateway drug that gets you
into more harmful and expensive drugs. For a lot of people, this is not true though.
I assume that smoking marijuana is not very bad for you because there aren't very
many things that are bad for you when you smoke it. I know that it does sometimes cause
short term memory loss and maybe it makes you paranoid but these symptoms are not
present in all users. Smoking tobacco I think, is much more harmful and dangerous
because of its known effects even short term such as decreased blood circulation and cold
hands and feet. These symptoms happen after only 24 hours after you smoke a cigarette. I also assume that marijuana will be legalized in a very short time because of its wide use and also because there are too many crimes related to marijuana where people are caught
with a small amount of the substance but are put in jail for long periods of time. Most
marijuana users are harmless to the public and smoking marijuana does not make you a
threat to the public, as sometimes drinking alcohol does and that is legal….

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