Smoking Effects

There are multiple repercussions from choosing to smoke a tobacco substance.One major repercussion is the formation of lung cancer, an uncontrollable spread of irregular cells throughout the body.This disease is now the most common form of cancer diagnosed in the United States and a major cause of death as it accounts for 14% of all cancers and 28% of all cancer death (American Lung Association of Hudson Valley, of these deaths, cigarette smoking is responsible for an estimated 87% of lung cancer deaths (American Lung Association of Hudson Valley, cancer produces a large quantity of pain, coughing,difficulty breathing, and many more symptoms that slow down the body.There is no good whatsoever involved with smoking of any kind, which is evident in the side affects and ending results.
In addition to lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, emphysema, and many other internal organ corruptions, smoking will simply cause "real life" to stop.Smokers generally do not go out much or do cardiovascular activities because their system cannot handle it.Their body becomes tired quickly and the individual must slow down.It becomes harder for the smoker to breathe when he or she participates in vigorous activities because the lungs are so corrupt and warn out.Smoking also causes tar to stick to the inside of the lungs making it harder to breathe.Appearance is affected by teeth and finger nails turning yellow.A typical smoker will also suffer from bad breath and will have a smoke smell on their clothing and belongings as well.Later stages of smoking include symptoms such as coughing, illness, due to a weaker immune system, and possible asthma.

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