Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are the term, which stands for legal substances intended to influence activity of human brain. Those substances should be of natural origin or they should be at least as much similar to natural substances as possible. One of the key attributes is that those substances are non-addictive. As I said before, those substances are intended to influence and expand activity of brain and that's why they are also called brain nutrients. Brain nutrients are also called smart drugs. This term isn't particularly fortunate, because the term drug is misleading and creates associations with something dangerous and life-threatening.
Brain nutrients and neurotransmitters are substances that either directly or after digestion enter the brain and influence quality of neuron nutrition or activate their working activity or possibly replenish their levels to optimal levels, necessary for perfect activity.
Concept and term of nootropics (substances in general slang called smart-drugs) wasfirst introduced in 1972 by C.E. Giurgeou, chief research worker in Belgian company, which introduced Piracetam (one of the most widely known substances) at the market.
The main areas of use are expansion of studying process, improving storage of information, facilitation of information flow between both brain hemispheres and increasing of brain protection and nutrition.
Smart drugs are supposed to work in one of two main ways: either by increasing blood flow to the brain, or boosting the levels of one or other of
the neurotransmitters thought to play a part in learning and memory.
We can in general divide smart drugs into two groups. Nootropics and Nutrientes.
Nootropics are rather intended for immediate use, with rather short effect, while nutrients are of rather longer-time effect (speaking in weeks or months).
Now some of the most widely known,used and free sold nootropics and nutrients.

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