Smallpox Vaccination

Should we or should we not vaccinate for smallpox?That is one of the many questions that have gone unanswered pertaining to the potential war situation with Iraq.I personally believe that the U.S. should be vaccinated for smallpox because it would be one less threat to our country.
Thefirst step should be to educate people on what we are dealing with.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Smallpox was feared for centuries because it caused serious illness, scarring and sometimes death.After a successful public health vaccination campaign, it was eradicated in 1980.However concern about smallpox is rising again because of its possible use as a bio terrorist weapon.CDC and its partners are leading efforts to meet this threat.Basically we are in danger of another outbreak if the terrorist launch this disease on our country.Thousands of people could die.It makes sense to vaccinate to me.
The next step should be to ask the question, when do we plan to deploy the vaccine?Logically I think we should do it as soon as possible.The sooner we vaccinate the sooner we can feel safe and move on to address other problems that are threatening our nation.It makes no sense to live in fear of the Smallpox disease when all we have to do is vaccinate for it and eliminate the problem.
The longer we wait, the greater the risk we take of being caught off guard and all of us, Americans, remember what happened the last time we were caught off guard . . . September the eleventh.Let's not be caught sleeping again, let's do everything that we can to keep this country safe, we should vaccinate for Smallpox now!
Now the question would naturally be how should we go about vaccinating our nation?My suggestion is to do it the same way that Nashville handled the recycling effort.The City had recycling bens delivered to every house hold.That's the way we should do thi

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