Sleep Patterns in Children

This study basically focused on the sleep patterns, sleep disruptions, and sleepiness of school age children.The study was based on sleep patterns of 140 children (72 boys and 68 girls- who were 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade students).This study has significance because sleep plays an important role in child development and is a major component to a child's well being.
Many factors can affect the child's sleep-wake measures.For example, family stress, parental age, and parental education.The relationships between sleep problems and a child's well being appeared to be linked together.Sleep problems are among the important clinical symptoms and diagnosed criteria of many emotional disorders such as affective disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders.In the early childhood years, disturbed sleep has been associated with bad temperament.Sleep disruptions have many times been implicated inconsideration with deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.There are clear signs that learning and attention skills can be negotiated by insufficient sleep or sleep disruption.
Multiple surveys that have taken place in many different countries, have estimated that 20% to30% of children suffer from sleep disruptions in thefirst three years of life.
The study's main goals were to document: (1) age differences in sleep schedule and sleep quality, (2) sleep disruptions in children evaluated by objective measures and precise definitions, (3) subjective sleepiness and its relationships with objective measures of sleep, and (4) the relationships between objective sleep measures and psychosocial measures.
The study's main purpose was to create normative data on sleep-wake patterns of school-age children by using their objective and subjective methods.The results of the study shed light on many new ideas and perspectives.The new set of findings included …

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