Sleep Disorder

Some Dream While Sleeping, Others Dream Of Sleeping
One third of men, women, and children in Northern America complain about their sleep. This would be approximately 50 million people. Another 20 to 30 million people have trouble getting the sleep that they need. The complaints range from not getting enough sleep to people getting too much. Experts aren't sure why we sleep, all they know is that it recharges the body to support daytime awareness.
"Mental health professionals define sleep disorders as persistent disturbances in the quantity or quality of sleep that interfere with an individuals ability to function normally for a month or more" (Dianne Hales and Robert E. Hales, M.D.). What's the significance of all these problems and what might be done about them? Some very recent research by scientists is starting to present some of these answers. As these studies have been done, the brain activity during sleep falls into different states, stages, and cycles.
You may think just because you or someone else is sleeping that they are getting the rest they need, but all along their mind is in constant motion. Scientists have done studies to determine how much sleep is needed for a person, but they have never been able to pin-point the amount needed. Some people need more sleep, due to everyday stresses in their life. As people age, they tend to sleep less then a person of a younger age. Infants sleep as much as 16 hours out of the day while an elderly person may only sleep 5 or 6 hours a night.
There are many different sleep disorders. They range from Insomnia, to Hypersomnia, Circadian Rhythm, and Parasomnia. Insomnia is known as the most common form of sleep disorder. Insomnia is when a person lacks the amount of sleep needed which in turn interferes with a persons ability to function during the day. Hypersomnia, is mostly experienced by people who have excessive sleep or daytime drowsiness. Circadian Rh…

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