Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a deadly disease. Some are more prone to this disease then others , like fair skinned people and such .
Whether you be dark skinned or fair skinned everyone is effected by cancer ,whether skin cancer or cancers in general.
Melenoma is the most life threatening skin cancerof them all. From UV lights to just having it in your genetic makeup
Some are more prone than others to skin cancer . This paper will discuss the formation of skin Cancer from UV rays ,
the Treatments of skin Cancer , and discussing who is more prone to it than others.
Ultra Violet exposure can be a main Trigger for the Formation of skin cancer. UV exposure over a longer periods of
time (meaning being burnt all the time) can higher the risk of skin cancer. Even being in the sun can higher your risk of
getting skin cancer. The two Main Types of UV radiation is UVA and UVB. These two typesof ultraviolet lights are
the main contributers to skin cancer.UVB radiation is the worser of the two , and is known to cause DNA damage to the
skin cells. Skin Cancer develops when the damage of the skin cells are so bad that it affects the DNA of genes which
control the growth of cell division. Hence when cell division goes wild it turns to cancer.
Genetics play a role in your abilityto repair the damage caused by UV Rays. But too much ultraviolet damage may
simply overwhelm the system. Lighter skin is more prone tobecoming sun burned. Red heads and fair blondes with blue
eyes are knownfor gettingskin cancer, ecspecially the irish. A lifelong history of sun exposure places a person at higher
risk. Take for instance those raised on farms, construction workers and basically anyone who spent a lot of time outdoors.
In addition, patients who are immunosuppressed (immune system is weak), especially transplant patients, arelikely
to see rapid and early development of skin cancer (mainl

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