skin cancer

The term “healthy” tan is as contradictory and dangerous as “friendly fire.” Sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer.Yeah you look great but did you ever think that you might be bad side affects. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are about 700,000 new cases of skin cancer each year.From either going to a salon and tanning in a bed or laying out in the sun, both are leading you to basal skin. cancer. Basal cell skin cancer is a type of skin cancer that affects the skin’s basal layer, the 5th layer of skin and is most common.It invades areas under the skin, but it does not spread to other areas in the body. That great looking tan now does not look so great anymore. Basal cell cancer can also be called ‘rodent ulcer’.
The reason you get basal skin cancer is the ultraviolet light (radiation from the sun) does not simply brush the skin’s surface with color. It penetrates the upper layers of skin and damages basic units of genetic material (DNA) inside skin cells. When this happens, the cells dispatch special repair enzymes to get rid of the injured DNA and help generate new DNA. Tanning occurs when the enzymes stimulate pigment cells in the upper layers of the skin to produce melanin, a black substance that absorbs ultraviolet light. Melanin’s role is to protect the DNA in lower layers of skin cells. That “healthy tan” you get from the sun, therefore, is your body’s emergency response to potentially lethal radiation.
One sing of having basal cell cancer is a small lesion (sore or skin abnormality) that does not heal within three weeks.Its characteristics are grows slowly and does not itch or hurt.Basal cell cancer will mainly occur on areas of sun exposed skin.Such as the face, scalp ears, neck, hands, shoulders and back. People with a fair skin complexion, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair is more likely to get it.It is also more common for white people and outdoor workers with constant exposur…

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