skeleton report

The quarterback drops back looks to his right and then to his left.Throws deep to his wide open receiver and he makes the catch to get the game winning touchdown.Not a single one of them football players would be able to play without a support to hold them up.All living things need a support and that support is a skeleton.
Your skeleton is very important and it has many jobs like protects organs, levers to move your body, big mineral reserves in your skeleton, and it is the site of blood and cell formation (Levine and Miller, 1998).
The only thing in your skeleton isn't just your bones it also consists of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
The bones in your skeleton are a special type of connective tissue.That is a solid network of living cells and fibers with very large amounts of calcium salts (Levine and Miller, 1998).
The structure of your bone is made up of the periosteum, compact bone, spongy bone, and bone marrow.The perioteum is a tough layer surrounding each bone.Blood vessels travel through here with oxygen and nutrients for the bone and the rest of the body.The compact bone is a very dense bone but it is not solid.A series of haversian canals run though the compact bone which are tubes that that contain blood vessels and nerves.The spongy bone is the inside layer of the compact bone and it is very strong and the spongy bone is located at the ends of the bone to help add strength.Osteocytes which help with bone growth are embedded in compact and spongy bone to keep the deposits of calcium and also absorb calcium salts.These are also important because they are responsible for the growth and shaping of the bones.And finally but not least the bone marrow which is soft tissue located in the bone cavities.There are two different types of bone marrow, yellow which most bones are made up of and yellow has blood vessels, nerve cells, and fat cells.The other type of bone marrow is red…

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