Silicone Breast Implants

In a woman's life, her breasts are important to her in many ways.They can contribute to her self-esteem, appearance, and sexual satisfaction.Today plastic surgery is performed mostly for cosmetic reasons.It has been misunderstood for a beauty surgery.Having taken the entire amount of plastic surgeons, only small amounts limit their practice to just cosmetic operations.
Woman who choose to have breast implants do so for many reasons.It might be due to an accident or even a cancer patient.Women that have cancer or are recovering from cancer usually have this procedure because it was necessay for them to have a mastectomy. After one or both of a women's breast have been removed this person chooses to have silicone implants to give them a feeling of wholeness again along with many other personal reasons.
For the other patients, breast implants are an elective surgery.These "pre-op" patients have several decisions that need to be thought out thoroughly.A few are: the costs (medical insurance companies do not typically pay for this operation), the type of implant (saline, silicone or double lumen), the size of the implant, the shape of the breast, should it be in front or behind the muscle, how should the doctor put in the implant (through the crease under the breast, the areola, the armpit, or belly button), how reputable the doctor is (has he or she done this operation before and if so how many times and what were the results).With many more questions this person has to ask themselves, they must also consider the risks that go hand in hand with their decision.
After a woman has made a decision to go ahead and have breast implants there are some very important questions that she should ask her doctor.One, is this doctor board certified?Next, does the doctor have hospital admittance and transfer privileges in case there is a lot of pain after the surgery?Then, make…

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