Sigmund Freud

We live in a world today were everything has to be factual. We as a society need to completely understand everything that is going on around us at all times. We satisfy this need in many ways. From creating scientific formulas that will include every minute detail into its calculations to spending billions of dollars on research to make certain that we completely understand how the human body works. It has almost become and obsession to know everything. This quest for knowledge has helped out our society in many ways. Some of these ways include the invention of insulin or the ongoing search for a cure for cancer. But it also has had many degenerating effects on our world and our society. Included in this list are the over use of fossil fuels and the damaging affects that they have on our environment and the creation of the Atomic Bomb.
But there are still many things that our society does not have the answer for. Many things that we have been attempting to understand for centuries. Even with centuries of study we still do not have enough knowledge on these subjects to know if we are heading in the right direction in our attempt to understand all. Looking at the study of space is a prime example of this. Yes the do know quite a bit about the areas that are within vision of the aided eye. But what about outside of our vision? There could be worlds so far advance compared to us that we know absolutely nothing about. Or to steal an analogy from Biology teacher Mr. Cordukes our universe and surrounding universes could all be located in the pocket of a giant. Or that theory could even be reversed. For all we know every atom could be it's own galaxy. With the neutrons, protons and electrons as planets.
But in this report I will be showcasing one man's research and theories on a topic that like the exploration of space, we have no idea if we are even heading in the right direction. I will be writing about Sigmund Freud and h…

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