Should There Be a Law

Over 100 million cell phones are currently in use in the United States.More than 85% of cell phone users talk on the phone while driving.However, this is not the only task people perform while driving.They eat, drink, smoke, and can do numerous other things while at the wheel.Most of these other factors are more dangerous than just talking on the phone.Many states have proposed bills varying in severity that would restrict cell phones in motor vehicles.If there is a law to ban cell phone use while driving, there might as well be one against eating, drinking, and other common distractions in the car.
How many times have you been driving and your cell phone rings?Or you remember you were supposed to call a certain person twenty minutes ago? Most likely, you would just pull out your cell phone and dial or answer it.However, if the state passes a bill that would restrict cell phone use in the automobile, obviously you legally wouldn't be able to use your phone.According to Matt Sundeen, Policy Specialist of Transportation for the National Conference of State Legislatures,
"At least 22 states since 1995 have proposed bills concerning cellular telephones in automobiles.In 1999 alone, 15 states proposed measures to restrict cellular telephones in motor vehicles.Legislation varied in severity from proposals that would ban all use in vehicles, to requirements for hands-free devices, phone call length restrictions, requirements to keep one ear free, solicitation restrictions and improved data collection" (Sundeen).
Numerous studies have shown that talking on the phone while driving is just as dangerous as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving.
We have all seen people drift in their lanes, as well as other lanes, run stop signs and lights, as well as driving slower or faster than the speed limit. The potential problems created by a cellular user driving while using their…

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