Should Smoking Be Restricted in Public Places

Smoking has been an issue for many years now.Questions as to when and
where smoking should be permitted are usually the concerns of the public
health.In some places, such as the restaurants and offices, non-smoking
regulation is sometimes a strict rule.However, in other public places,
smoking does not post an illegal act to smokers.Up to what extent should
smoking really be restricted in public places’
Many governments in many nations are taking actions in discouraging the
habit of smoking.Health institutions promote health warnings and
advertisements to discourage people from smoking.According to Daniel,
Rosen, and Allen, however, in their Attitudes, Information, and Behavior of
College Students Related to Smoking and Smoking Cessation, the government’s
action of influencing people in their crusade against smoking will only
reach the support of the non-smokers, those who quit smoking, and those who
have never smoked.Somehow, this is true.Smokers, especially those who
have been addicted to smoking, cannot easily give up their habit.Despite
of the government’s deep concern and major encouragements, a smoker will
still cling to his tendencies of smoking.If this is the case, so how can
the government pursue an effective method of minimizing smoking’
One answer to minimize smoking is the proposition of many anti-smoking
crusades to restrict smoking in public places.If such law is passed and
implemented in all public areas, this would not only help the smokers but
the rest of the non-smoking group as well.In recent years, the effects of
smoking have been visible in the many diseases that were proven to be
caused by cigarette smokes.Such includes lung cancer and heart diseases.
smoking has also tolled the lives and health of many smokers.This was a
report indicated by the Surgeon General of the United States, and was
pointed out in Joseph Califano’s article

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