Should scientists continue to research the causes of aging

The gradual changes in the structure of a mature organism that occur normally over time and increase the probability of death is known as aging ( Clarification from the dictionary indicates that aging occurs normally – it is not a disease inherited or caught. Accepting old age is part of growing up, and it is our health and luck that ultimately determine how long we will live. Researching the causes of aging will only cause more problems in the future such as poverty, lack of food and water, and overpopulated areas. One must also take into consideration that aging is not the leading cause of death. For these reasons, scientists should not continue to research the causes of aging.
Many areas in our world today already suffer from overpopulation. Asia, Latin America and Africa are but a few to name. Such areas must bear with lack of food and water. If people were able to live to 150 years or more, our world would most definitely become overpopulated and these problems would be amplified. Today, 3.6 billion people in the world are barely getting enough to eat with more than 1 billion of them in total abject poverty. Ten to thirty million children die each year from starvation and starvation related diseases. Furthermore, less than 1% of the Earth's water is fit and available for consumption ( With more people having to provide for, Earth's natural resources are likely to be used up much too quickly. Aging is not a threat to humankind, for humankind itself is its own threat.
The leading causes of death in our world today are disease, intentional self-harm, homicide and accidents – not aging. Death from cancers (such as in the lungs, stomach, liver or colon) and diseases (such as HIV, measles, or in the heart and blood vessels) should be more feared than death caused by age.Ultimately, if not by heredity or by accident, one must take…

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