Should people have the right to choose to die

Should People Have The Right To Choose To Die?
Je vous demande le droit de mourir."I ask the right to die."So went the refrain from Vincent Humbert who for 3 years lay in a hospital bed knowing that he would never walk, see, speak, smell or taste.Yet, he could live into his 80's.His only means of communicating was his right thumb, which he would press into his mother's hand as she recited the alphabet, to spell out words.
His family supported his request and his mother campaigned on talk shows and even spoke with the President of France to ask that her son be allowed to die legally.Euthanasia is illegal in France, though historically their justice system has been lenient with cases of mercy killing.Other European countries have legalized euthanasia, but the family could not afford to travel.
In 2001, the Netherlands became the 1st country to legalize physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, with Switzerland and Belgium having followed suit.Since the case of Vincent Humbert, France's National Assembly will now debate a euthanasia law.Oregon is the only state in the U.S. in which euthanasia is legal.
Legal requirements are in affect in each of the countries to insure patient's rights.Doctors are not supposed to suggest euthanasia as an option and must make a patient aware of all other medical options.A request for euthanasia must be made voluntarily and repeatedly by a patient of sound mind.The doctor-patient relationship must be long term.Written requests for euthanasia at a doctor's discretion should a patient become too physically or mentally ill to decide for themselves is also an option.
Opponents of euthanasia have a laundry list of complaints.They say patients are "shopping" for doctors who are sympathetic to their cause and that many of these patients are depressed.They say 80% of euthanasia deaths are not reques…

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