Sharks belong to the chondrichtyes group of species, around 340 different types. Rays, chimaeras and skates also share the structure as the shark. They are different from boney fish because of there cartilaginous skelotons making movement more keen and versatile. From the biggest of sharks, the whale shark to badest of sharks, the great white shark and even the smallest sharks, such as the cookie cutter shark all are keen hunters. Hunters like the hammer head and the bull shark hunt for food, while the bigger sharks like the basking shark swim through the ocean and collect plankton.
Most sharks have the same skin characteristics. Gray in color, with leather like skin with sharp, pointed placoid scales that does not grow as the animal ages. One remarkable feature of sharks is their jaw and teeth. Sharks have rows of teeth that are not attached to the jawbone. Instead their teeth are embedded in fibrous membranes. Their whole teeth are so amazing if they attack a larger fish and teeth break off, they are replace by new teeth. The sharks fins are different to those of a boney fish.
While a boney fishes fins are erectile, the sharks fins are rigid. Sharks dont have swim bladders, there for, when not moving sharks will sink. Sharks also have small intestine which inables them to eat different kinds of food. With all these specializes features no wonder the shark is such a threat in the ocean. Sharks give birth to large mature offspring unlike the boney fish which have lots of little offspring. Some sharks lay eggs in the sand while others lay eggs in the female and hatch there. Eggs usally are layed on rocks or plant live ancored with tendrils and there leathery shells protect them. Sharks during breeding season live off there stored fats or lipids for long periods of time so eating of the young and each other is avoided. Sharks with ther acute senses have the ablility detect the smallest of things in the water like blood to gi

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