Sexually Transmitted Diseases

What comes to mind when you here the words "sexually transmitted diseases?"Usually, thefirst thing that pops into people's minds are Herpes, HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and many more.STD's are becoming more and more of an ethical problem involving younger ages.These younger ages especially include college students.There are more than thirty STD's sexual transmitted infections (Planned Parenthood, April 1997).Sexually transmitted diseases are the most common communicable disease of young people.In a matter of fact, five to ten million people under the ages of twenty-five are infected with an STD in the U.S (
STD's are becoming a major concern with college students.More than one third of college students have had sex with six or more partners in their lifetime, according to a study bye the Center for Disease Control.Sex is being more and more devalued by the younger ages. In today's time, people aren't thinking of diseases that can be passed through sex.It used to be something more sacred and treasured.Now, it's just becoming an act to satisfy their physical needs and wants.Up to seventy percent of college students are or have been sexually active ( instance, Ebony Sails, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, quoted, " Sex is a beautiful thing, and I don't believe that you have to be married to have sex."This just proves the morals of younger ages have changed.A lot of this has to do with information that is poorly distributed among campuses.No one wants to have to worry about STD's, so no one really talks about it and educates students on this subject.Though college students should be aware of this problem, more importantly, it should be more conscious in high school.Many high school students are experimenting more these days.In this case, high schools should be more pe…

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