Sexual Reorientation Therapy

In today's American culture, homosexuality is seen much differently than is has been in past years.It is pretty much accepted by the psychological community as a sexual preference that cannot be changed that that is possibly genetically predetermined or that is a result of brain structures.Anyone who would suggest that perhaps there is a way for homosexuals to attain sexual attraction towards the opposite sex is often accosted by not only members of the psychological community but also leaders of the homosexual community. However, if there is a form of sexual reorientation therapy being practiced and has seen results, it is a possibility that must be investigated.I suggest that human sexuality is much more fluid than previously thought; that homosexual desires are more a result of relational problems with others and feelings of rejection, and that many homosexuals who are unhappy with their sexual orientation have options to help them attain the lifestyle that that want.
In past decades, the attitudes in the country towards homosexuals were ones of avoidance and complete disapproval.In fact, the subject was very rarely discussed.It wasn't until the 1960's that our culture became more comfortable discussing sexuality.This time period is known as the sexual revolution.Although many religious organizations spoke out against homosexuality, it slowly became a more acceptable lifestyle to the point where according to a recent Gallup poll about only 55% of Americans agree with homosexual marriages.This all sounds as if homosexuals in this country would be very content with their lifestyle.However, this isn't the case.If you were to ask homosexuals whether they would prefer to be straight if they had the choice, most would say yes.However, organizations such as the American Psychological Association have dismissed the notion that homosexuals might be able to switch orientation.
So, has there b…

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