sexual consequences in adolesc

Sexual activity hurts adolescents.Sadly, large numbers of children are placing themselves at risk by engaging in sexual activity early in their lives.Health risks are not the only consequences however.Sexually promiscuous lifestyles bring with them heavy responsibilities and commitments that young people cannot handle.Young adolescents do not have the capacity and maturing to endure the social, emotional, and psychological responsibilities that accompany their sexual choices.Sadly, the consequences include unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and broken relationships, to name a few.
The purpose of this essay is to investigate and discuss some of the research surrounding early sexual activity in adolescents. We will examine the findings of several academic journals, identify some of the current trends in sexual activity in adolescence, and examine the implications that follow.Let's begin by looking at some statistics regarding sexual promiscuity in adolescents.
The statistics are frightening.According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, about 80% of teenagers engage in sex by age 19 and most experience intercourse an average of 8 years before marriage. Roughly 1-in-4 sexually active teens acquires a sexually transmitted disease by age 20.Ten percent of all women become pregnant by their late teens, 78% of which are unwanted.For every ten teen pregnancies, four will be aborted.Of all rape victims, one in every two is a teenager. (Guttmacher, 1999).These statistics are overwhelming and frightening.Next, we will discuss 3 research articles that engage the teenage sexual crisis.
Let's examine an article by Shaughnessy and Shakesby (1992).The authors were interested in the effects of sexual activity on the emotional and social development of adolescents. Their article comes from an academic journal entitled, Adolescence, Vol. 27, Issue 106.The conclusion drawn from their research in…

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