Serial Killers: Description and Theories of Articles

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines serial murder as "the killing of several victims in three of more separate incidents over weeks or an extended period (Mitchell 1996). The conflict or inadequate socialization theory proposes that the serial killer or murderer never experienced normal communication or sympathetic, understanding and dependable part of society (Reinhardt 1962 as qtd in Mitchell). He has no adequate or workable system of social or personal support or frames of reference to speak of. He comes from a home environment, which lacks love and understanding. He is very likely an abused and neglected child who went through overwhelming conflict and unable to develop and use proper and working coping devices. His personality make-up suffers from, and breaks down in, the complex interaction between psychological and biological predispositions and development (Mitchell).
Serial killers have been known tofirst capture their victim before the murder (Vankin 2007). They treat her like a disturbed child would treat her doll. Experts interpret the murder itself as a form of unmitigated, absolute and irreversible control over the victim, the killer's object. In this situation, the killer holds the victim captive, motionless and defenseless. He has sought this kind of permanent control for so long. This time, the victim is not likely to abandon him or disappear like his parents, specifically the mother, did before. Yet the killer desperately tries to avoid a painful relationship with the very object of his desire. He greatly fears being abandoned or humiliated for what is and then to be left or disposed of. He must realize unchallenged possession of this object at this time of his life, hence the need to objectify (Vankin).
The serial killer comes from a home environment, which did not provide him with the acceptance, love and understanding he needed (Vankin 2007). In this environment, he was treat…

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