Seat Belts Have Been Shown to Save Lives

Wearing a seat belt every time you enter a car is an important factor
in ensuring the safety of both yourself and other individuals.The
consistent use of a seat belt can help to reduce the damaging effects of
both a cars collision, and the collision of its human occupants.Seat
belts are proven to save lives, and may be the most effective safety
apparatus in modern vehicles.Stricter laws governing the use of seat
belts may be an important way to increase seatbelt compliance.
Encouragingly, seat belt use was at an all-time high in 2002, showing that
many individuals were spurred into compliance.Despite this encouraging
increase in the use of seat belts, it is clear that many Americans are
still choosing not to buckle up.In doing so, they are endangering both
their lives and the lives of their fellow passengers.
The cost of not wearing a seatbelt can be high, both to yourself and
the individuals around you.To understand the physical effects of a motor
vehicle crash, it is important to understand the physical effects of such a
crash. When a motor vehicle is involved in a crash, there are three types
of collisions that have an important impact on human safety.They are: 1)
the car’s collision, 2) the human collision, and 3) the internal collision
The car’s collision is perhaps the most obvious of the three.This
is the force that causes the car to buckle as it is forced to an abrupt
stop.This force takes place over a tenth of a second.The front of the
car absorbs some of the impact as the vehicle encounters another object.
As a result of this cushioning, the passengers come to a softer stop than
the rest of the car (National Safety Belt Coalition).
The human collision is what many people correctly associate with
human damage that occurs during an automobile crash.This occurs when
human occupants hit some part of the vehicle.Occupants who are no…

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