Science & technology in Jamaica

Since the Industrial Revolution, science and technology (S&T) has been the principal agent for social and economic change.This change has been rather slow for most if not all industries in Jamaica, but why?Let us look at what science and technology are separately, and then examine some Jamaican industries which have and have not been able to keep up with S&T advancement worldwide.
When we talk about science we are referring to, in broadest terms, systematized knowledge in any field.There are different branches of science, each established to support and satisfy its own area.Technology now, refers to the processes by which human beings fashion tools, machines and systems to increase their control of the material environment.Technology often emerges out of everyday activities rather than from science.However in the past century, technology has become more science based.Just like science, technology has different branches or aspects that need to be assessed if we are to properly evaluate Jamaica's position.Technics, production technology, consumption technology, organizational technology, technological capability and social structure are the categories into which technology is divided.Technics refers to the physical products and systems of human making.Production technology refers to the materials, equipment, processes and activities associated with technology.Consumption technology is the methods, products, systems and activities through which we satisfy our needs.Organizational technology is the organization or social relations of production associated with particular production and consumption technologies.The skills, knowledge and experience of local personnel, organized in institutions which effectively deploy their work, and backed by adequate material resources and support services is seen as technological capability.Lastly social structure is the total effect of technology on material and social…

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