Science and the Scientist

In my opinion, Science is one of the most central themes in our lives, and probably one of the most overlooked.All through school I remember hearing "How am I going to use this?".To that I say what you don't know can kill you.There is more to science than what meets the eye.Such as corruption and questions in the ethics of science.Science is a much vaster area than what most people think.My view of science is that it has a good and bad side.It has applications that can save lives and create a greater good for mankind, but in the wrong hands it can either go to waste or cause destruction and misery.
I believe that science is all around us.Although I do not know an actual working scientist, I can see how it affects our everyday lives.The technology around is all due to science.Without Science I would not even be able to type this paper.Most people make the common misconception that science is only about plants and nature, at least it seems this way from my experience.Little do people realize that this is only a small portion in the world of science.Anything and everything around us having to do with technology involves a great deal of science.It has also helped to save the lives of millions.Vaccines and medicines can all be attributed to science.Science has cured countless diseases and is in the process of curing countless more.Science is not all good though.
As with anything that can bring about massive global change, there is a great deal of beaucracy involved.Often the good that can come out of such development is caught up in the question of "how can we make this profitable?"In the Cantor's Dilemma they are at least still trying to find a cure.I myself often wonder if they haven't just simply given up on curing some diseases because as Chris Rock says, "There's no money in the cure."Although this sounds rather morbid one can't help…

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