Science and Religion: Survival of the Fittest

Many things have been said about life, and many explanations have been made to try and explain this "life" and how it came to existence. About 150 years ago a man by the name of Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution in attempt to explain the world from a scientific perspective. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12, 1809. (What is evolution, web.)As a boy Darwin was easily bored with his studies as a child. He turned away from his father’s footsteps in becoming a physician and became interested in geology and natural history but was still not intrigued enough by his studies of the Holy Ordge University.
In fact, Charles was so ;bored; he eventually set out on a trip to explore the world! While he was on this journey, he became fascinated with biology and geology. He made and wrote observations about coral reefs, and volcanic islands, but his greatest biological observations were those pertaining to his theory of natural selection. This is where Charles redefined the way scientist look at life and everything on earth.

Darwin spent much time studying finches in the Galapagos Islands (off the coast of Ecuador). Noticeably, each one of the finches; beaks was different in sizes (an example of genetic traits). He believed that the physical conditions of the island did not affect the bird beaks, but the birds’ feeding habits. (Darwin's Finches, web) For example, finches with large beaks eat large seeds, while the birds with the small beaks, ate small seeds or insects. He theorized that each bird was suitable to its surroundings and was adapted to its environment. Therefore the best-suited animal will pass on its genetic info to future generations.

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This theory of natural selection is often misinterpreted, it's a simple concept to grasp but most scientist or professors use such vast vocabulary when explaining. That can be confusing for anybody. So to find out how evolutio…

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