I have chosen for my "Household Chemical Project", a commercial product known for its unusual cleaning abilities and fresh, outdoor scent.The name of this product, familiar I'm sure to all reading this essay- is Pine-Sol.The Clorox Co. in Oakland, California manufactures it.When we analyze the chosen name of this product, we have an insight into the inherent properties of this cleaning agent: "Pine", which denotes the fresh outdoor smell of a pine forest, and "Sol", the Latin word for sun which brings to mind clean, antiseptic properties, peculiar to Pine-Sol.
Pine-Sol, to all who have used this product in their myriad of cleaning projects, would be hard-pressed to disagree that this product is aptly named.For the budding chemist, the structure of this cleaning agent can be found in pictorial form at the back of this essay.
For those who are of a technical mind, Pine-Sol is a composition of (CH3)2CHOH (Isopropyl Alcohol), C6H5-C(CH3)2-OH (Dimethyl Carbinol) and C10H16 (Pine Oil Soap).Suffice it to say that these technical compounds add the "punch" to make Pine-Sol the unique cleaning agent that it is.As a brief aside, how could a product as user-friendly and pleasantly aromatic be composed of such dreadful sounding compounds, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Carbinol, Pine Oil Soap.These ingredients sound much like something NASA would use to launch their rockets, certainly not something found under your kitchen or bathroom sink.Or perhaps the mathematical approach:Let's all clean our homes with good ole' (CH3)2CHOH + C6H5-C(CH3)2-OH + C10H16.Thank God for pseudonyms- but I digress.
Let me take the liberty of having you accompany me on a Saturday morning, as I approach a household that has been somewhat neglected from the last week, (yes- this household being mine) when the process that I am about to relate was last repeated.Myfir…

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