"The voices told me that aliens do exist" a person diagnosed with schizophrenia might say.Schizophrenia is a mental disorder with many different symptoms. Accurately, the definition means "split mind" and schizophrenics are often stereotyped as two people living in one body.However this is a misconception made by lack of knowledge and research; schizophrenia is not split personality-when a person acts like two different people. Schizophrenia is in fact, according to the Encarta Encyclopedia 2000, the "a severe psychiatric disorder with symptoms of emotional instability, detachment from reality, often with delusions, and hallucinations and withdrawal into the self".To be put bluntly, schizophrenia is when a person confuses reality with their fantasies.
The symptoms of schizophrenia often occur in the thoughts, perceptions, feelings, movements, and individual relationships of a person. Many schizophrenics are often considered a failure in making logical explanations in association to the reality. Hallucinations, also a key symptom, are often categorized as either hearing one’s thoughts spoken aloud or hearing imaginary voices making comments.Although most hallucinations are of voices and noises, there are cases of visions been seen which no others are able to see.Many such hallucinations are often visions of God related images. A prime example would be the very famous case of Jean D;Arc, a female warrior of the Dark Ages claimed to have direct visual and audible link to God.Emotional reactions of a schizophrenic person are often blunt and uncalled for. Schizophrenics appear to have a lack of ;proper stature; and say things or express them selves candidly.There is also a rare condition of schizophrenia that affects the movement of a person-catatonia.This form of schizophrenia is when the affected person maintains a rigid posture, or more commonly, has a highly r

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