Scarlet Fever

A disease caused by an infection with group A B-hemolytic streptococcal bacteria that occurs in a small percentage of people with strep throat.
When we hear the words “Scarlet Fever” we often tend to think of a deadly disease that doctors have no cure from. But it is quite the contrary, scarlet fever is just a serious case of strep throat and the medication prescribed by doctors, cures within days. But the symptoms unfortunately are not very pleasant and having Scarlet Fever is not just a walk in the park.After reading up on the disease hopefully the importance of prevention and symptoms will be understood and no more cases of Scarlet Fever will creep up.
Scarlet fever was once a common, that usually affects children between the ages of two and ten, disease but now is easily treatable. The organism usuallly enters the body through the mouth or nose. It is generally transmitted from person to person by direct contact. That is, from the sprays of a sneeze from an infected person, or by any indirect contact through door handles previously touched by an infected person. The bacteria produces a toxin that causes a rash that initially appears on the neck and chest, then spreads over the body. The rash of scarlet fever usually begins like a bad sunburn with tiny bumps (papules), and it may itch. The rash usually appears on the second day of a Group A streptococcal throat infection, and the incubation period for Group A strep throat is usually 2-7 days after exposure. Typically the rash begins as small red macules which gradually become elevated. The rash usually appearsfirst on the neck and face, often leaving a clear unaffected area around the mouth. It spreads to the chest and back, then to the rest of the body. In body creases, especially around the underarms and elbows, the rash forms classic red streaks called Pastia’s lines. Areas of rash usually blanch (turn white) when you press
on them. By the sixth day of a strep infecti…

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