Scandal in Spring

As I finished the wonderful conclusion in Kleypas’s wallflowers series, I found myself wondering, where will she go from here? I can honestly say that she has penned one of the dearest series of books ever to come across these well-read romantic eyes. The detail of Daisy’s story was a masterfully done wrap-up to a heartwarming group of reads.

Daisy Bowman is a fresh breeze amongst the rougher backdrop that is her family. Her innocent ways have done her no favors though, as she’s looked on with much affection by her sister Lillian and friends, just not with much sense. When her father demands she choose a husband, or else marry a man she detests, not even her fellow wallflowers can save her. Not one to back down from a challenge, Daisy is rather dismayed when the very man her father wishes her to marry, Matthew Swift, appears on the scene. He’s much changed from the man she remembers and she’s not sure how to deal with the attractive businessman. Chance finds them often together in the following days and Matthew turns out to be far more than the money hungry employee of her father than she first thought. As all-consuming passion buds between them, a tragic secret from Matthew’s past threatens their hopes. What has carried throughout this entire series to date, the strong characters, still reins supreme as the most enticing factor in the last installment. Daisy has appeared before as the witty youngest amongst the wallflowers, a fierce supporter of them and their heart’s desires. To see their fervent support of her this time solidified my admiriation for their friendship. Daisy is brought forth in her own story as a sweet innocent, a woman bursting with the hope of love and someone to share it with. She found her true love in the form of Matthew, a heart throbbing man who seemed very real and compellingly sexy. The other wallflowers, Annabelle, Lillian and Evie, all have recurring roles, along with their spouses, and that element of friendship is as strong in this installment as it is in previous ones, though not overpowering Daisy and Matthew’s romance. Romance that comes from a direction Daisy least expects, wonderful characters, poignant writing–it all meshed together perfectly. A very satisfying ending to a wonderful series, one I look forward to rereading for many years to come. Thank you, Ms. Kleypas, for a wonderful three years of romance.

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