Satellites – fiction

Satellite Transmission Received

It was around 3:30 when I got the call.The man wouldn't explain why, but I needed to get down to the station.A jet was waiting.At 5:00 I arrived at the station.The room I was escorted into seated about thirty people, and every seat was filled.I recognized some people, but others seemed completely foreign to me.They were introduced as various government officials from countries around the world.
Before I had the chance to move, a man rose out of his chair and spoke, "Welcome, we brought you here for your expertise in these situations.Situations we have never before come across."I immediately assumed he was talking about the search for alien life.A few companions and I have been searching for any signs of life for almost twenty years.
"About two days ago we picked up a small radio signal.Our astronomers found an object floating out along the solar system at around 800,000 miles.By tracking the trajectory, we can defiantly rule out one of our satellites.The representatives from other countries with space programs have also denied it being theirs.We only have one possibility left."
Ourfirst problem was to decide what to do with the object.After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion to send out a ship to retrieve the satellite.Afterwards, my team and I could study the foreign object.
Then the big problem came.Should the public be told about this object?The people did have the right to know, and they would probably find out eventually, but until we could learn more, we wanted to avoid the chance of a mass panic.The meeting ended with the decision not to inform the public; at least not for a while.
Two months later, the ship finally returned after successfully capturing the satellite.My team and I would spend the next three years studying and dismantling the satellite, but it was clear from day one what we were dealing with….

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