SARS is a severe acute respiratory syndrome that wasfirst detected in southern China in 2002.It received national attention when Hong Kong when there was an explosive outbreak.A global emergency was declared by the World Health Organization, in which a team of microbiologists, epidemiologists and health physicians came in to study and contain this disease.These teams were trying to determine the infectious agent, mode of transmission, diagnostic tests to determine optimal treatment and develop therapeutic agents and vaccine.
SARS is a coronavirus and Kochs postulated were fulfilled when the experiment was achieved in macaques.There were nine sequences done on novel proteins for which analysis was predicted on their functions.It is believed the coronavirus mutated from a cat, eaten as a delicacy in Southern China. The virus acts differently from other humancoronaviruses and most other respiratory pathogens.The mortality rate is very high.
The virus is believed to be transmitted thru aerosol and droplets.The port of entry is believed to be inhaled or contact with mucus membranes; it is also present in feces.SARS spread quickly thru health care workers. The recommended protocols for SARS us negative pressure rooms, face masks, gloves, eyes, head protection and hand washing.
The most common symptoms of SARS are fever, myalgia, headache, mild respiratory infection, dry cough, dyspnea, hypoxia. Progressive pulmonary infiltrates appears and respiratory failure worsens. A chest x-ray will be issued to see if the infiltrates have worsened.Lab tests have been developed to diagnosis SARS and these tests are called PCA and ELISA which detects serum antibodies.
Early detection, isolation of the case found remain key elements in formulating local, national and international strategies to control SARS globally.Neighborhoods, hospitals, and markets have been shut down to prevent the spread of disease when an out…

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