Salmonella Gastroenteritis

There are many diseases that are caused by viruses, or bacteria. Diseases can be classified in many different ways. They could be very harmful, or acute. Salmonella Gastroenteritis is an illness that is caused by bacteria, which has three different types of shapes. Salmonella is an illness that is not deadly, or very harmful. In most cases the illness is acute, and is deadly, or extremely harmful in rare cases. Imagine being Salmonella bacteria, traveling through an individual's body. What kind of processes and obstacles would one go through?
As a Salmonella bacteria, I am found in undercooked foods, such as; eggs, and turkey. In other cases I may originate from pet reptiles, like iguanas, turtles, lizards, and snakes. Bacteria like me could be found in many harsh conditions as well. They are found in both fresh and saltwater, in air, in soil, in water, and in plants, and animals. Individuals with impaired immune systems and people with very old, are young age be aware of bacteria like me. You are my favorite victims. The structure of bacteria that are related to me, are either prokaryotic, or eukaryotic. Prokaryotes do not contain a nucleus, but instead have structure called a nucleoid. The nucleoid carries the DNA in the cell. Furthermore, some bacteria may contain plasmids, which are smaller circular segments of DNA. The other bacteria's are capable of movement as well. Some bacteria move with the aid of flagella, like in eukaryotes. On the other hand in Prokaryotes the flagella do not contain microtubules, and instead have strands of protein twisted around one another like strands of rope. When I invade an individual’s; body, I attack their system quickly, and cause many unpleasant symptoms.
I have entered the body of a thirty year old woman. She has just eaten eggs for breakfast, and forgot to cook the eggs well. Thus I was not killed, and I had the ability to enter her system. Being Salmonella bacteria, I will att…

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