I’ve been suckered and wowed into a few design monographs, some of which were refreshing, some way to analytical and some just too abstract for any earthling to grab meaning from it.

Although no book/theories/processes can save anyone’s design soul, seeing/understanding Stefan’s work has helped me understand that all elements humor/angst/beauty/finesse/distress/ugliness/cynicism can be mashed into this design work we do and can be done without all of this pontification.

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This isn’t any sort of epiphany, it’s just a reaction to all the pretty, high-style fashion driven stuff with no heart/no sense of self that has been floating around for some time.

From most of what I’ve read, humorous yet always self aware, I feel the connection of rock-n-roll/punk ethics expressed more than just see it. I think this example of pure self expression gives reason for anyone to continue to do this type of work.

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